West Midlands records biggest employment rate rise in England

West Midlands employment: The region saw big increases

West Midlands employment: The ONS said the  region saw big increases over the period

The West Midlands and London saw the biggest employment rate increases in the three months to December 2013, according to official figures.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed today that the regions both recorded a 0.8% jump compared to the three months to September 2013. Read More…


1,000 wannabe officers flock to West Midlands Police job site

Bobby on the beat: new recruits will earn more than £20,000

Bobby on the beat: New recruits of West Midlands Police will earn more than £20,000

West Midlands Police’s latest recruitment drive has attracted 1,000 people to register their interest in becoming a constable with the country’s second largest police force.

The employer said traffic rocketed in the minutes that followed its hiring site going live, with up to 1,800 visitors viewing the page at its peak. Read More…

West Midlands misses out on Britain’s employment boom

Jobs crisis: The national employment rate is 74%, but the West Midlands is lagging behind

Jobs crisis: The national employment rate is 74%, but the West Midlands is lagging behind

The likelihood of having a job in the West Midlands has fallen despite record levels of employment across the UK.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC), which looked at regional labour markets over the last two decades, found that since the 2010 General Election the likelihood of being employed has increased by 1% nationally. Read More…

Tory peer slams Coventry schools over engineering

Need to attract youngsters: Lord Baker claimed schools are not doing enough

Need to attract youngsters: Tory Peer Lord Baker claimed Coventry schools are not doing enough

A Tory peer has slammed Coventry schools for not encouraging students to work for the region’s most well-known manufacturer.

Lord Baker, a former Secretary of State for Education,  told members of the House of Lords that Jaguar’s planned university technical college is being built because the city’s schools “just do not produce youngsters who want to work” for the car maker. Read More…

Bishop of Coventry quizzes government on Syrian civil war

Worrying situation: The Bishop of Coventry cited Amnesty International research

Worrying situation in Syria: The Bishop of Coventry cited Amnesty International research

The Bishop of Coventry has quizzed the government on what assessment it has made of Amnesty International’s report into the Syrian civil war. 

Christopher Cocksworth, who penned a written question in the House of Lords, asked Baroness Northover about the organisation’s study. Read More…

Exclusive: Coventry companies fined £42,000 for illegal workers

Crackdown: Theresa May's ministry can fine companies £10,000 per worker

Coventry crackdown: Theresa May’s ministry can fine companies £10,000 per illegal worker

Coventry businesses received £42,500 worth of fines for hiring illegal immigrants, according to official figures.

A freedom of information request obtained by Coventry Data Blog revealed that five city based companies were issued civil penalties between 2011 and 2013 for employing illegal immigrants.  Read More…

West Midlands Police spent £24,000 on music licences


Music lovers: But the force is undergoing cuts

The West Midlands Police Force spent £24,388 on licences so employees could listen to music in its offices in the past year, according to a Freedom of Information request.

The data was revealed after Robert Foulds, the clerk of Bramley Parish Council in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, noticed that he had to pay for a licence from the Performing Right Society (PRS) to listen to music in his parish hall.  Read More…