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Tory Cov Councillor caught up in Paris attacks

A Conservative Coventry Councillor was caught up in terrorist attacks in Paris as hundreds were killed and injured by Islamic State linked militants. Allan Andrews, who represents the Earlsdon Ward, documented the aftermath of the incident from the French capital via Twitter.

Paris attacks: Cllr Allan Andrews documents police response

Paris attacks: Cllr Allan Andrews’ picture


SYRIA DECISION: Coventry MPs vote against Cameron

A historic vote: The UK parliament has voted against intervention in Syria

MPs voted down motion: The UK parliament has voted against proposed military intervention in Syria

All Coventry MPs voted against the government’s proposal for UK military intervention in Syria in the House of Commons late last night.

The Prime Minister’s motion was defeated by 285 to 272, a majority of 13 votes. Read More…

SURVEY: Coventry is voted one of the UK’s ‘ugliest towns’

Coventry city centre: Do you think the area is ugly?

 An undesirable view: Coventry’s town centre is considered ugly

Coventry has been voted one of the UK’s ugliest towns, according to an online poll by the website Crap Town Returns.

The Two-Tone town was voted the seventh worst looking location in the survey of 100 ‘crap towns’, two places below neighboring West Midlands city Birmingham. Read More…

The gladiator of Coventry: John Parkes (1681–1733)

Blink and you will miss it: John Parkes' burial stone

Blink and you will miss it: Parkes’ burial stone pictured to the left. Photo courtesy of L0LfromPasa

In St Michael’s churchyard, which lies in the shadow of the Old Cathedral, there is the following inscription: “To the memory of Mr John Parkes, a native of this city. He was a man of mild disposition, a gladiator by profession; who after having fought 350 battles, in the principal parts of Europe, with honour and applause, at length quilted the stage, sheathed his sword, and with Christian resignation, submitted to the Grand Victor, in the 52nd year of his age. Anno 1733.”  Read More…

PICTURES: Godiva Festival 2013

Godiva Festival 2013: Pictures from largest free music festival in the UK

Godiva Festival 2013: Pictures from the largest free music festival in the UK

REVEALED: Coventry City’s new ground is almost an hour away

What about the fans? The club's move will be controversial

What about the fans? The club’s move will be deemed controversial

The Sky Blues have struck a deal with Northampton Town FC to play home games at the East Midlands team’s ground next season, it was revealed today.

The move follows Coventry City FC’s turbulent experience after going into administration. Read More…

REVEALED: Hedgehog levels are ‘worryingly low’ in Coventry

In decline: The humble hedgehog needs your help in Coventry

In decline: The humble hedgehog needs your help

Coventrians are less likely than ever before to see a live hedgehog, according to research by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

The organisation’s report indicates that the national decline of the hedgehog population over the last ten years has also been replicated across Warwickshire. Read More…