Coventry City Councillor claims BBC spreads ‘propaganda’

Social media fight: Bally Singh made the remarks on Twitter

Social media fight: Bally Singh made the claims on Twitter

A Coventry City Councillor started a spat with one of the BBC’s most well-known journalists after he accused “Auntie” of spreading “propaganda”.

Bally Singh, a Labour Councillor who represents Whoberley, claimed the BBC was no different to RT – a Russian government funded TV station which has been slammed for being a “mouthpiece of the Kremlin”.

Singh made the remarks after the BBC’s Political Editor Nick Robinson posted a link to one of RT’s news articles about Russian troops invading Crimea on the popular social media site Twitter.

Robinson said: “This is Russia Today/Putin view of Ukraine – troops greeted with flowers, kisses & selfies.”

The senior journalist hit back at Singh’s suggestion there was no difference between the two broadcasters and blasted: “You really think that there is no difference between Russia Today propaganda & BBC?! Wonder how many Russians would agree?”

Short exchange: Robinson quickly replied to Singh's comments

Short exchange: Nick Robinson quickly replied to Bally Singh’s comments on social media site Twitter


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